Starting early, starting small and then investing regularly takes you closer to your life-goals. SIP makes it possible. We’ll share with you here not one, but four awesome benefits of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
Benefit #1
SIP can tackle Market Fluctuations:
You get to invest in the stock market but don't lose sleep on market fluctuations. With SIP, your investment works hard and you benefit from what is known as rupee-cost-averaging (i.e. your average cost of buying comes down over time).The able fund-managers at UTI Mutual Fund work tirelessly towards ensuring that you get the best-possible returns ..
Benefit #2
SIP can deliver the Power of Compounding:
Let's put it simply, the power of compounding is magical. For e.g. if you invest Rs 5,000 for about 20 years, you can accumulate nearly Rs 65 Lakhs (assuming an average return of 15%). With UTI SIP, get the power of compounding to work for you.
Benefit #3
SIP makes the Discipline of investing possible:
With SIP, to iterate, there is no need to time the market- and in effect you emerge a net winner out of market fluctuations. With UTI Mutual Fund - starting an SIP is simple and staying committed to the discipline of investing, even simpler.
Benefit #4
Start small. Built a large corpus over time:
You can start a UTI SIP with as little as Rs 500 or any higher amount that you are comfortable with. Then select the periodicity, e.g. monthly. It's easy to start; easy to maintain and step by step you get closer to the investment corpus you aim to build.
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.